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Proprietor Nat Stillone started his passion with cars over 43 years ago when he finished his schooling and commenced a mechanical apprenticeship with Formula One, gaining experience working on Alfa Romeos, Fiats and Lancias and working on preparing vehicles for racing at Bathurst in the mid '70's.

Having completed his apprenticeship, he was approached to work at Lolita Automotives to repair Lamborghinis and Ferraris. After several years, he moved on to working in a speciality restoration workshop, working on the likes of building replica D type Jaguars and major body repairs and restoration work on all marques of classic and sports cars.

Since 1991, Nat has been in his own business repairing, restoring and maintaining all facets of classic cars but not limiting to restoration only. Gladesville Auto Bodyworks also caters for the local area with good old fashioned service on all vehicle requirements.

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